The pictures below are of an apartment complex on the hills about 1/2 a mile away from the coast near Yalova.  An German Engineer indicated that the earth in this area moved approximately 2 meters North (toward the sea) during the event.  Local residents also indicated that the Swiss Rescue Team performed rescues in this complex (see photos below).

This is a photo of five apartment buildings.  Prior to the earthquake they all were in a straight line going up the hill.  The earth shifted approximately 2 meters to the right and each building shifted a different distance.  In the foreground the first floor columns can be seen as they were unable to support the weight of the building when it shifted.

This is the third building up the hill.  The two bottom floors have collapsed trapping someone in the first floor bedroom (the earthquake was in the early morning).  The Swiss has shored the first and second floors to facilitate an entry from the second floor bedroom through the floor to the first floor bedroom.

A close up of the second floor bedroom showing the shoring.  If some engineer can work the numbers I would appreciate comments on the shoring capacity.  I believe they were 4" X 4" lumber on what appeared to be a 2" X 6" plank.  Interestingly I found no wedges.

Hole breached through the floor.  I did not see any signs of cutting on this hole.

Column supporting second floor in forth building of this complex.  I was able to remove portions of the column by hand and able to break the concrete with my bare hands.

Failed column in same complex.  Rebar was interesting in that it was smooth and did not have ribs as we see here in the States.

A pair of columns that sprung out from under the second floor.  Note clay "cinder blocks" used for walls in these structures on first floor right.

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