FEMA US&R East Coast Table Top Exercise

MA-TF1 organized and hosted FEMA US&R East Coast Table Top Exercise in conjunction with the FEMA Region 1 Patriot Response Table Top Exercise on August 22-23, 2017. The Table Top Exercise included the 9 East Coast Task Force Task Force Command Staffs (MA­-TFl, NY-TFl, NJ-TFl, MD-TF2, VA-TFl, VA-TF2, FL-TFl, FL-TF2 and OH-TF-1), as well as key players from: FEMA HQ, Regional 1 IMAT, MEMA, The Northwest Massachusetts IMT
(NWIMT), Mass National Guard, Northcom’s 761h Task Force SAR Team, Canadian RCAF Light SAR Team, and Mass State Police.

For the TTX the IMT will be composed of TTX participants from the NWIMT as well as senior players from each participating agency. The FEMA Region l RRCC also conducted a 2 day concurrent training exercise using the same scenario and the RRCC had a Search and Rescue (ESF-9) player and SimCell person who provided injects as well as took calls from the IMT at the TTX.

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